studio (un)scripted: 5 (more) questions with abby draper.

Happy December (holy hell, what?!) November was a very busy month, which is something I’m incredibly grateful for. With that, I’m a little behind on these responses. Nonetheless, here is the second round of me answering 5 of the questions asked of me by guests of this interview series.

“How do you DO IT ALL? You are the most organized, speedy, thoughtful person on the planet. I don’t know how you maintain your level of dedication and your constantly expanding client load, but I’d love to learn your secrets!” – FROM SAMANTHA MARKIEWICZ

Well, first and foremost, you are an exceptional role model, professional, mom, friend, wife, content creator… the list goes on, so you are “doing it all” too. Give yourself the credit you deserve, dear friend.

That said, the only way that I am successful in anything that I do is because I am deeply committed to my network. I work very hard at these relationships, near and far – be it, sending a surprise $5 Venmo for a morning pick-me-up latte, participating in an agencies brainstorm/ideation session virtually and oftentimes pro-bono; sending a fun care package, calling them on the phone, or simply writing a positive Google review for a client-of-a-friends business – I always have others top of mind, and in return, I am given very cool and authentic opportunities that allow me to catapult brands and people I believe in, as I trust they’d do the same for me if asked. For me, “doing it all” means trusting that “my people” will always be on my side, no matter the ask. That keeps everything I’m doing perpetually steadfast. No one can do “it all” on their own. As they say, it takes a village. I have a great village.

“How can I be a better mentor and friend to you?” – FROM MCGAVOCK EDWARDS

This is an impossible question to answer. Gift me a Birkin, maybe? McGavock, my life changed when I met you. It changed even more when you took a chance on me as a very young, nervous and impatient kid looking for a job under circumstances that not many face along their career path. It changed again — in a huge way — when you encouraged me to pick up everything familiar and comfortable to me, and move across the country for a bold job opportunity. You have taken care of me and taught me the “tough lessons no one wants to learn” for 100 years, but in such a loving and kind manner. No notes. You’re perfect and I thank the higher beings for you every single day. I also know for a fact that I’m not the only one that feels that way.

“As a public relations professional, what’s the best advice you can give a content creator like myself?” – FROM JEN EDDINS

The best advice I can pass along is to stay true to who you are at your core, and to what matters most to you. Decide on what you want for your “voice” and/or your “brand” and never lose that. Always remain loyal to who you want to be to others, and to yourself. When you’re crafting content remember that words are very powerful, so use them thoughtfully and honestly. As with any advice I’m asked to give, I will reiterate until I’m blue in the face (vs. the usual incredibly pale in the face) that the most important thing to remember, in all that you do is to treat others how you want to be treated.

“What’s your “go to” if you are feeling down that will lift you up emotionally?” – FROM NOA SHAW

My family. They know it all. Everything about me – the good, the bad, the awful, the ugly, the healthy, the very sick, the courageous and the terrified. If I need a quick “pick-me-up” I know that I can press speed dials 1, 2 and 3, and simply tell them I’m in a funk or need a minute to cry. Each of them knows exactly what to do and say to get me back on track. One of the things I appreciate the most is that if any of them can’t answer the phone when I call, I immediately get a text with, “I’m in a meeting (for example), is everything ok?” The same goes for my closest friends. None of them ever leave me hanging, no matter what else may be going on for them.

I also have a fantastic therapist and regardless of any thoughts people have about seeking therapy, this man saves my life every time we speak by offering small practices that will help me through whatever I’m bummed about. In fact, I was recently at an important event and became incredibly overwhelmed – so much so I couldn’t catch my breath, move, speak or see straight. My dad (who is also my most trusted friend) was there, so I grabbed him, pulled him to a private area and held his hands while I closed my eyes and went through the breathing exercises my therapist has taught and encouraged of me for several years. So, long story short, to answer again — my family.

“I’ve (also) watched your career grow and flourish over many years. You’ve been so adventurous in the steps you’ve taken to get where you are. I suppose my question would be: do you feel like you’ve arrived? Or is there a destination you’re still striving to reach?” FROM LORI RUSSO

I don’t know if I will ever “arrive” anywhere specific, or if I really need to as long as I’m making a positive impact in some way. If I can arrive to the end of each day feeling like I’ve done something meaningful, smart, and thoughtful, that’s a good day. That’s me experiencing success. In a dream world, I would be able to spend all of my free time focused on and giving everything I can to causes that are important to me and my inner circle. That would be my professional destiny. Until then, I just want to do work that I’m proud of for brands, people, companies, agencies, etc. that I am personally passionate about and make absolutely certain that the people in my life know how valuable they are to me, without any doubt whatsoever.

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