“I love hearing about female fans that take big risks and aren’t scared to do so. Abby deserves to win and I know she’ll help others realize their dreams, too!”

Chelsea Handler, my actual hero gave me a recommendation & that’s when I knew I could do this.

“Abby and I “grew up” together as tenacious communications professionals, and we continue to rely on one another as peers, friends, counselors, students and ambassadors for the industry we love and the clients we are fortunate to work with. Abby continues to serve as a role model to everyone she reaches by exuding and encouraging kindness.”

Bridget Forney, VP, PROFILES
“Abby is a natural connector – finding threads between people, businesses and communities and tying them together to benefit her clients and their audiences. She’s a hustler and will make each event, campaign or launch a success.”
Samantha Markiewicz, Chief Digital Officer, Bread & Butter
“Abby brings a hybrid skillset from both the PR and Social Media expert standpoint. She’s a thoughtful strategist and content creator who falls in love with brands she works with, so much so that they become part of her own story. She has an endless supply of ideas and the know-how to execute on them.”
Matt McDermott, CEO, Humble & Wallop

“Abby is one of the best PR pros I’ve worked with in my career. She’s a very clever writer and is able to bring a distinctive voice to her work, whether it’s on behalf of a client or her own writing. I’ve seen her generate results through her media relations prowess, as she is persistent in her pursuit, but also is able to empathize with journalists to build relationships with them. These abilities and others stem from her unwavering commitment to, and advocacy for, her clients. If she represents your brand, you can expect a dedicated, collaborative partner. Also, Abby’s sense of humor makes her a blast to work with.”

Chris Thiede, Integrated Marketing Executive
“I always look to Abby for inspiring content, creative views and angles, strong writing, and going above and beyond to find solutions. Her diverse experience and range in the public relations arena persists to amaze me-and she has been able to translate that to her personal social influence, network, and platforms. I’ve been able to partner with Abby on a few of her projects involving the influencer market, and she gets the audience and understands consumers. She’s a strong player in her field and I always look forward to her next chapter (or post).”
Katie Blaha, Chesapeake Bay Museum
“I met Abby at SoulCycle in Hollywood years ago during awards season. We hit it off right away and have stayed connected since. Our friendship has also lended itself to professional opportunities to work together and every time we do, Abby is the ultimate pleasure to work with.”
Jamie Greenberg, Celebrity Makeup Artist
“Abby is one of the kindest, smartest and most creative public relations and marketing professionals I know. I’ve known Abby for nearly 20 years, and in that time I’ve watched her progress into the highly-regarded professional she is today, and I couldn’t be prouder to call her a friend and industry colleague. Her personality is an amazing blend of wit, humor and strategic thinking that combine to create magic for her clients and their brands.”
Christina Gayman, APR and Director of Communications & Marketing, Syverson Strege
“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Abby and admiring her work for more than 5 years. In that time, I’ve witnessed the impact of Abby’s expertise, creativity, and obvious passion for her (our) craft. To call Abby a connector would be an understatement. She actively stitches together communities and nurtures them over time, creating powerful connections that endure. Abby’s accomplishments in public relations are a testament to her tenacity and acumen. There’s no question your strategic communications assignment will be better served if Abby’s brain is at the table.”
Matt Ferraguto, Senior Executive, YMCA of Greater New York

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