studio (un)scripted. 5 questions with lori russo.


The studio is my happy place, where is yours? 

My happy place is in the kitchen. Cooking, for me, is meditative and enables me to give daily gifts to my loved ones. Bread is my favorite thing to prepare because my two boys devour every bit and it makes our home smell divine. My husband said to me recently that the smell of bread and good cooking is something our boys will always associate with their childhood. I hope we are making it a happy one. 

You’ve been involved with the National Press Club since I’ve known you. Why is that important to you and also, who is the most memorable guest speaker you’ve been able to meet as a member? 

The National Press Club is a real national treasure. In addition to its storied 115-year history, the Club is known for advancing the future of journalism and protecting working journalists around the world. A free press is essential to democracy and reporters should not be detained, punished or killed because of their work. The most memorable guest speaker won’t come as a surprise to you. We hosted Cal Ripken, Jr. at a luncheon just before his induction in the MLB Hall of Fame. I grew up watching the Orioles and have always had a special place in my heart for Cal. I will never forget spending an afternoon with him at the Club.  

Speaking of members-only clubs, you are also a proud member and founder of Chief. What intrigues you about what they do and why would you suggest other female executives join? 

I wish there wasn’t a need for a females-only executive club, but there is. Research shows that our journey toward gender equality – particularly in leadership positions – is not advancing. Take a look at the Reykjavik Index and you’ll see that we are sliding in reverse in some countries. Women leaders need to support one another, share what we have learned on our journeys and find ways to normalize female leadership. We obviously can’t do that alone but the information sharing within the Chief group is invaluable.  

It has been such a pleasure to watch your career grow and flourish at Stanton Communications. As current co-owner and president, what do you hope to accomplish looking forward to 2024? 

We have such an incredible team right now and I am excited to watch everyone continue to grow in the coming year. We are creating interesting opportunities for everyone as we do more international work, particularly in the EU and the Americas, and also formalizing professional development and coaching programs to help our team flourish. The greatest accomplishment I can think of as a leader is to have a happy team and clients who feel they are benefiting from our best work. 

If you could ask me anything, what would it be? 

I’ve also watched your career grow and flourish over many years. You’ve been so adventurous in the steps you’ve taken to get where you are. I suppose my question would be: do you feel like you’ve arrived? Or is there a destination you’re still striving to reach?

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