studio (un)scripted: 5 questions with abby draper.

ABBY DRAPER answers the first five questions she was asked by those The Studio spoke with (we will do this after every 5 interviews)

“How the hell do you do it all, and with so much joie de vivre? You’ve given audiences an intimate look into your biggest trials and tribulations. How much of yourself do you share with your audience vs. what you hold back — and how do you find that balance?” — Matt McDermott 

Of course, you speak multiple languages. Show off. At the end of the day, it’s therapeutic for me to vocalize that things are sometimes shitty, things are sometimes okay and things are sometimes great. Having lived for over a decade on the other side of the country from my loved ones, I found that posting my experiences to social media and publishing truths through writing opportunities have made up for the three-hour time difference contact options. I guess now that I’ve said this out loud, it’s selfish, really. The right balance for me is to share the things that are constant in my life rather than fleeting moments. For example, my family is a big part of what I post about (with their permission, of course); my health has been through hell and while I’m working through that, I find solace in the support I’ve received by sharing so publicly; my affinity for crass humor and words is at this point just who I am – so those things are easy to talk about. Just like anyone, there are days I’d rather turn my phone off and watch Friday Night Lights all day than talk to anyone and every once in a while, I spend far too much money on things I don’t need. But, that’s why they call it a balancing act, right?

“How do you make every spin instructor fall in love with you? Are you really Deuxmoi? When are you coming back to LA so we can get lasers together???” — Anthony Addotta

I credit my first SoulCycle instructor to teaching me how to appreciate and love what that company used to offer. From day one he was immaculate, kind, patient and giving with his time. I tried my best to emulate his behavior with every other instructor I rode with after that class and for a decade after that. He was the perfect match for me and I will forever be grateful to that man. It’s the golden rule – treat others how you want to be treated and it will work out in your favor. I absolutely am Deuxmoi, so please keep purchasing my book and merch ; ) And the moment I have plans set to be back in LA, we will rent out an entire beauty salon and go fucking nuts. Can’t wait.

“As a death doula, I’m instinctively curious to know what you want done with your body when you die?” — Caroline Lee

I want to be cremated and tossed into the Pacific Ocean off of the Santa Monica Pier by my parents and my brother. And maybe Tim Riggins. That place changed me and it is buried in my heart forever. When I lived there and my mom would come to visit, we had a tradition of sneaking a bottle of wine onto the beach to watch the sunset together and I have never experienced a peace like that anywhere else. I literally want to rest in peace.

“I always love to know about people’s creative process and where they find unexpected inspiration.” — Abby Gardner

This is a great question. My creative process varies based on what I’m working on, honestly. If it’s for a client I prefer a lot of collaboration, really enormous thinking and candor. If it’s for an interview I rely on unique experiences I’ve had that others may find interesting and try to present those in a way that excites and delights. If it’s a social post, I like to keep it light and fun with some wit and charm. Honestly, I think like most everything I do, it depends on what kind of mood I’m in. I find unexpected inspiration everywhere. I am incredibly fortunate to have a network of very smart, innovative and forward-thinking people that offer unintended thought-starters in a text, a LinkedIn thought or an Instagram photo. I think that when you’re a creative person, you become unintentionally trained to be naturally curious in every interaction and experience you come across.

“If you had an infinite stream of cashflow, what does your dream life feel like? Where is home, who’s there, how do you feel?” — Colin Owens

I love the way your brain works. I think the answer to each part of that question is simply peace. My dream life feels peaceful. My home would be where I’m most at peace. My loved ones – friends, family, mentors, heroes – all of those that calm my heart to a peaceful pace are there with me. And, I feel at peace. If you think about all of the things we’ve seen in our lifetime, and what the world and life does to people, it can be really ugly. That’s one of the reasons I appreciate you and Sam so much – you both present peace through it all. Seems like a naïve response, but it’s the one that makes the most sense to me and feels the most transparent and honest.

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