studio (un)scripted: 5 questions with abby gardner.

ABBY GARDNER, Queen of All Things Pop Culture (and the only other person I know that still watches Grey’s Anatomy)

To me, the studio is my happy place. Where is yours?

A Harry Styles concert. Honestly, any live music show of a person/group I love. But a Harry show is pretty much my favorite place to be on the planet. It’s very special.

When did you know lifestyle conversations and dictations would be your personal and professional passion? 

I think they’ve always been my personal passion and while there was a period of time when I thought I wanted to be a sports medicine doctor, in college I did realize that I really, really wanted to work in women’s magazines and worked to make that happen. I continued to lean into that passion in the many, many other iterations of my career since then. And if I wasn’t necessarily doing that kind of work at my day job, I created a side hustle where I could do more of what I loved.

When you’re creating content, what is your process for ensuring you’ll deliver the right thing to the audience you’re speaking with? 

Honestly, I just go with my gut—for better or worse. My instincts don’t usually lead me too wrong!

When something knocks you down, so to speak, how do you find peace and how do you reset? 

I am a Scorpio and a person who tends to carry things inside for a very long time. I wish I was better at letting go…and I am improving on that front. But I also find motivation in something not working out the way I hoped. Also, sometimes a good cry (or laugh) with a good friend will do wonders. Exercise also really helps me clear my head and so does writing through it.

If you could ask me anything, what would it be? 

I always love to know about people’s creative process and where they find unexpected inspiration.

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