studio (un)scripted: 5 questions with lindsay wandzilak.

LINDSAY WANDZILAK, FOUNDER AND COACH, THE DAILY (who has the very coolest kids on the planet, more energy than I could dream of having and a knack for creating the perfect playlist)

The studio is my happy place, where is yours? 

My happy place is the beach. I, like many, love a vacation beach, but I would say my every day, foolproof, accessible happy place is where the sand meets the water right down the road from our home in Manhattan Beach.

As a popular trainer and fitness coach you — not too long ago — took your talents and turned them into an incredible subscription program. Tell us more about The Daily with Lindsay, its mission, goals, core values and what you hope your members get from their experience.  

The Daily is an accountability program, where team coaches guide our clients through all things movement and nutrition, starting with a personalized text message each morning. I had been teaching group fitness classes for years and was constantly being asked the same question from clients – “What else can I be doing to complement this one hour of working out?”  

I started The Daily as a way to answer that question; the answer being, “it’s more about what you’re doing during the other 23 hours of your day.” We aim to create healthy, consistent habits that allow our clients to be their best self. We value discipline, we value responsibility, and we value positivity. Each of our coaches has gone through The Daily as a client and has seen a major transformation in their own lives through that process. We hope that our clients don’t only improve what they want for their bodies, but also their sleep cycle, their mindset, their relationships, confidence, patience, and so much more. 

One of the many things about The Daily that impresses The Studio so much is that every member has their own coach that checks in with them about their progress, questions, concerns, victories and anything else there is to talk about. Why was that important to you? 

The everyday communication is honestly what sets us apart. You can Google “health plans” or download free workouts until the sun goes down, but going that route doesn’t provide a personal coach/teammate/best friend to help you with the follow through. It’s been proven that the “diet success rate” goes up 5 times when you take on a new eating regimen with a friend versus doing it on your own. 

We want to be accessible to our clients for everything. We answer questions about movement, offer menu selections when clients are out to eat, and act as a support system for whatever may be happening in their lives. 

As someone that has been trained by you many, many times, I know that being around you even when I feel inadequate during a workout or insecure about myself, will leave our time together happy, confident and likely still giggling about something you’ve said… or played (“My Heart Will Go On” after “I Got Five on It” was a top 5 moment for me). Where do you find that energy and how do you maintain that vibe? 

Awwww those memories! I am such a believer in energy. I definitely think energy is contagious. And I know that you get the opportunity to pick your energy every day, some days that choice may be harder than others. I think, from a young age, I saw how impactful once person’ presence could be, with my mom always making people smile or my dad always making me feel secure, and the ripple effect that followed. I love brightening up a room, or boosting the vibe. It’s such a compliment to hear from you Ab that you get that from me, ’cause that is my goal each day. Getting outside early, saying my gratitude list aloud and a nice cup of coffee helps me maintain that energy.

If you could ask me anything, what would it be?

You’ve taken practically every group fitness class out there. For you, what form of movement is the one that you could see yourself maintaining consistently? As mentioned, The Daily is all about consistency, and we’ve found that walking is what serves our clients best, day in and day out. I’d love to know what you think.

January is a pretty fantastic time to start an accountability plan. Learn more about The Daily with Lindsay and don’t forget to follow along!

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