studio (un)scripted: 5 questions with chad sonkin.

CHAD SONKIN, DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, EDGE THEORY LABS (and the person I hope to hire as my hype-man when I become a gazillionaire).

The Studio is my happy place, where is yours?

Okay first off, The Studio is so dope. Like, can we catch up outside of these questions because this is so awesome. I love that you’re doing this, you absolute legend.

I think I have to answer this question in two parts. First, my happy place is anywhere in the world with my family and friends. It’s as simple as that. The location and timing don’t matter – when I’m with them, it’s all about love and laughter. I’m incredibly grateful for the wonderful people I have in my life. Their support and presence are everything to me.

My other happy place is on a basketball court, or really anywhere I’m competing in sports. I’ve had a passion for playing sports since I could walk. When I’m on the basketball court, everything just clicks. I’m not thinking about work or stressing over the things I need to do. It’s just me, playing ball, and having a blast. The basketball court is where I can forget about everything for a few hours, shoot some hoops, and enjoy good music.

As the director of business development for Edge Theory Labs, which serves a pretty targeted demographic, what is your approach to pursuing new partners, investors, clients, etc.?

Without revealing our sales strategies, there’s something important to consider when diving into this question. There are definitely specific target demographics that are enthusiastic about cold tubs, no doubt. However, I see cold water immersion as a life-changing experience. I believe it will become as popular as yoga did years ago; accessible everywhere. Cold water immersion is currently a hot topic (lol) – everyone’s talking about it, which is fantastic. But for us at Edge Theory Labs, we’re not here to just ride the wave; we’re here to create it.

At Edge Theory Labs, we take pride in being more than just the best cold tub on the market. Our mission is to educate people worldwide about the incredible benefits of cold water immersion and introduce everyone to this invigorating practice. The best part is, cold water immersion speaks for itself. Once someone tries it, they’re often instantly hooked. They feel the benefits and crave more. One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is guiding people through their first cold water immersion experience and witnessing their breakthrough as they conquer the cold’s discomfort. When they push through the initial discomfort and complete their first cold water plunge, it’s a truly incredible experience to watch.

So, when it comes to seeking new partners, investors, clients, and more, our goal is to form partnerships that educate people about the practice and introduce as many people as possible to their first cold water immersion experience. We back this up with extensive research and development to better understand the benefits of cold water immersion. Our approach is simple: you’ve got to get into the cold water!

It’s amazing to me that you speak about “infinite energy” because that should basically be your middle name. Where do you find that innate frequency and excitement for everything that you do? I mean, I’ve seen you sell $100 pants to someone just looking for a restroom. You have skills, my friend. We want the secrets.

Well thanks a lot. I truly appreciate it. I want to be upfront – life isn’t always a walk in the park. There are some not-so-pretty days and a lot of hurdles to overcome. The key is to practice mental toughness, a lesson I learned early on in life through sports. Sports, in my view, help shape your character and teach you resilience and mental strength. Mental toughness, for me, is about those days when you wake up feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed. It’s about pushing yourself – even when you’re not in the mood – saying, “I might not feel like it today, but I’ll get there. I’ll find a way.” No matter what, I believe with everything in me, that I will find a solution with everything I’ve got. 

Now, speaking to having an inherent enthusiasm and energy for life, I believe it all starts with one simple daily choice – The choice to win the day. A daily contest of “Chad Sonkin vs. Chad Sonkin’s potential” and I’m determined not to let my potential beat me. Every morning, I wake up with purpose; it’s no accident. 

Think about those days when you are at your most energetic. For me, that also coincides with when I’m at my happiest. Maybe it’s your wedding day? Maybe it’s the day you’re going back to your second year of college, about to have a huge reunion with all your friends? Maybe it’s in high school when you had a huge game that night?

When you reflect on those days, and even more precisely, the feelings of pure energy and excitement you experienced, what stands out? For me, it’s the memory of feeling utterly unwavering, happy, and excited. That sensation in your gut, pure excitement and joy. Nothing could dampen that day. Nothing could ruin that mood. That’s what I call infinite energy and infinite happiness. The best part is, you can access that anytime you choose. You can access that every single day!

So, if you’re looking to harness infinite energy, ask yourself this: “Do you want to be happy?” Most people will say yes, but they often tie their happiness to conditions. And I’ve certainly been guilty of this before myself. We say, “I’ll be happy once I land that job,” or “I’ll be happy once I find my life partner,” maybe it’s “I’ll be so happy when I get that Mercedes.”

True happiness means being happy unconditionally. You choose to be happy regardless of what life throws at you, whether it’s rejection or challenges. This unwavering commitment to happiness is a straightforward path.

Once you’ve made the choice to be unconditionally happy, life will put it to the test. Challenges and adversity will come your way, questioning your commitment to choosing happiness. Remember, events don’t dictate your happiness, you choose to be happy, regardless of the circumstances.

It’s this commitment that sets you on the highest path. Keeping an open heart and choosing happiness leads to absolute transcendence. 

When I’m happy, I’m excited. When I’m excited, I’m happy. So make that choice. Hopefully, you decide to make that choice every single day.

That’s my perspective. Being mentally tough and believing that you’ll find a way, no matter what. And choosing happiness unconditionally. Regardless of what life throws at you, you decide to be happy and lead with an open heart. That’s when you tap into that infinite energy. That’s when you tap into infinite happiness. From that place, just sit back and watch what the universe brings you! 

Ice baths can be super intimidating because, like, burr. How do you convince trepid and curious potential customers to give it a shot? Other than with your sparkling personality, of course.

That’s a great question! When someone’s feeling nervous, most people dip their finger into the water and exclaim, “No way!” I like to encourage them by saying, “Come on, you can handle 30 seconds.” After all, 30 seconds in cold water can still bring benefits – even 10 seconds can make a difference.

Next, I usually ask if they’re aware of the benefits of cold water immersion, which many people aren’t fully familiar with. To name a few of those benefits:

  • Reducing Inflammation: Cold plunges, like ice baths, can relieve muscle soreness by constricting blood vessels and reducing swelling.
  • Boosting the Immune System: Cold exposure strengthens the immune system, defending the body against diseases. It also activates brown fat cells, regulating blood sugar and insulin levels, which helps burn calories.
  • Enhancing Circulation: Cold plunges promote better blood flow by constricting and dilating blood vessels.
  • Increasing Energy: Cold exposure raises energy levels by improving circulation and oxygen flow.
  • Improving Mental Health: Cold exposure triggers the release of endorphins, reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Accelerating Recovery: Cold plunges speed up post-workout recovery by reducing inflammation.

When people experience the cold for the first time, especially without an experienced guide, many start breathing rapidly, almost in a panic. Our strategy is to encourage slow, deep inhales through the nose and extended, almost forceful exhales through the mouth. The goal is to slow down breathing and take control. This essentially acts as an ‘instant meditation.’ It requires you to connect and focus on your breathing. When you start focusing on other things or the cold itself, you might panic. But by connecting to your breath and controlling it, you enter a meditative state.

What I love is when people initially plan to try it for just 30 seconds, but with their controlled breathing and self-induced meditation, they often find they can stay in much longer than they expected, shattering their initial belief. This is the breakthrough experience I mentioned earlier, one that I see many people have. AND If you’re reading, this is why you should get an Edge Cold tub! (But, seriously. Abby has my number, let’s get in touch. 

If you could ask me anything, what would it be?

Hmmmmm.I would ask you, have you tried cold water immersion yourself? If so, what was your experience? And if not, are you down to try?

My other and maybe more important question would be – what are 2 things or goals in your life that you are pursuing currently? Maybe something you’re learning? Or something you’re doing to push yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually?

This guy is truly an energy boost any time you need it. Follow him on Instagram for your daily dose and follow Edge Theory Labs because it’s very visually appealing, if you know what we mean.

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