studio (un)scripted: 5 questions with bridget forney.

BRIDGET FORNEY, VP, head of social and digital products, PROFILES (and trusted cohort in career growth, becoming an expert on the spot and beauty secrets. obviously.)

To me, the studio is my happy place. Where is yours?

Probably the Puppy Enrichment Center at Warrior Canine Connection where all of the new service dog puppies are born and grow up until they are 7-8 weeks old. Being in the whelping room with a new litter of puppies who are just days old, along with their knowing mama is my happy place. I’ll take my laptop with me on puppy watching shifts for pups that are just days old (they don’t need a lot of care from people at this stage) and I’ll work while sitting next to them or watching over them.

My other happy place is probably the library. I love going to the library and finding a good library nook to work and feel completely at peace and in my own creative mind when I’m there. My favorite is the Abingdon Public Library in Harford County. Also – this isn’t a library – but Barnes & Noble in Columbia at the mall has a really cool family style table in between their stacks that is so relaxing and it makes me happy to sit there.

When you are considering making a beauty product purchase, where do you look first?

I usually do a search in a group I’m in by the Fat Mascara podcast to see if anyone has had anything to say about it first. Same thing with “Gee Thanks, Just Bought It! with Caroline Moss.” Then when I’m ready to buy, I will look on Amazon first, then Target and Ulta, and then Sephora.

The PR world has evolved since we first met. What do you think has been the biggest change and how has that affected the way you conduct business?

The biggest change is always the media landscape. PR is a fluid industry and the media landscape is ever-evolving. From social media and influencer relations to data analytics and DEI, PR is now so much more than just a single print piece win. Not to mention all of the evolving formats within the media landscape including zoom interviews and contributed articles. Even the way we track media hits has changed; we no longer compile huge binded clip books for clients unless they want them or ask. We also no longer measure print articles with a ruler. :) 

When people ask you what you do for a living, how do you typically respond?

My social media role answer: I help companies/communications teams create content for their audiences and build online assets like websites and landing pages.  

If you could ask me anything, what would it be? 

How the fuck do you set prices for clients based on value and not hours/time?

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