studio (un)scripted: 5 questions with andrea tirloy.

ANDREA TIRLOY, EVP OF PEOPLE, ACCELERATION COMMUNITY OF COMPANIES/ACC (and quite literally the chicest of the chic. like, her wedding was featured in Harper Bazaar Spain. seriously.)

To me, the studio is my happy place. Where is yours?

It’s a tie between: eating any sort of snack food at my kitchen counter watching Modern Family reruns or sitting down with my husband, Alex at a bar drinking a glass of bubbly. 

You are OOTD goals. Where do you find fashion and beauty inspo and what’s the reason for sharing? 

I love Scandinavian streetwear, so I Google pics/go on Pinterest when I don’t know what to wear and search “scandi streetwear” naturally. I’m forever inspired by these women; the way they wear their clothes is so effortless and cool. I started sharing my outfits because I want to keep track of what I wear so I can look back and re-wear cute outfits I like and then it just became something fun to do so I continued sharing.

Your wedding was gorgeous (obviously), photographed and covered in some major media outlets. How did you and Alex make that happen?

I styled myself and Alex for our elopement and found the most incredible photographer through a simple Google search. As soon as we got on our first video chat, I knew she was the right photographer; She was so excited by my ideas. I knew I wanted a short dress with a long veil and that we were going to do it in Seville, so I started there and went on Pinterest for pose/candid ideas. And she killed it. She then sent the photos to Anti Bride (the only bridal IG account I followed), heard back super quickly and our photos were published. From then on, the photos took off and went viral. An editor from Harper Bazaar Spain DM’d me and told me she saw our photos and wanted to write an article about us. To say I can die happy is an understatement. 

As an experienced recruiter, what are some memorable things you’ve seen on CV’s that moved candidates to the top of the list and why? 

This is going to be a super boring response but unless your experience matches exactly with the job responsibilities and in the same industry, very little you can write in your resume is going to get you noticed. Recruiters look at hundreds of resumes a day and they’re looking for close-to or exact matches to the job description. That said, what you can do as a candidate is network. Reach out to your networks (and not just your professional network on LinkedIn – ask your friends and relatives, too!) Nothing is going to be more effective and grab a recruiters’ attention than when a recruiter gets a referral from someone they work with. Even better if you have a connection to the hiring manager. Recruiters don’t typically mind when you surpass them in the process, it makes their job easier when the hiring manager says, “Wait I know someone for this, they just reached out to me!” Get yourself out there. And don’t bother with a cover letter. Recruiters don’t read them. 

Top five favorite social media accounts to follow, go! 

  • @justjared on IG for pap photos/celeb gossip
  • @andrealeighrogers on IG because not only is she my cousin but she posts these great quickie workouts that are super useful
  • @bakedbymelissa on IGshe has such delicious and easy vegan and vegetarian recipes (I’m neither but I like to eat vegan and vegetarian like, 80% of the time) 
  • @igfamousbydana on IG, because she’s so real about celeb plastic surgery (and frankly we need more real life and less “no I don’t take Ozempic/have fillers/have a nose job/have gotten liposuction, what do you mean?!”) 
  • Any and all of the the Bravo fan accounts (Alex FINALLY saw the light and was like, “ohhhhh so you watching Bravo is like me watching sports!”)

I don’t really love, love, love any fashion or beauty influencers; I’ve been unfollowing the ones who are obviously super curated or who I don’t feel are being honest with their reviews/are being paid and don’t disclose it. 

If you could ask me anything, what would it be? 

Dream dinner guest list!

For literal inspo on the reg, daily laughs and her hilarious adventures with the hubs, follow Andrea on Instagram immediately. You’re welcome.

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