studio (un)scripted: 5 questions with alicia araki.

ALICIA ARAKI, PERSONAL TRAINER (and the total inspo package for all things)

The studio is my happy place, where is yours? 

Teaching Group fitness in a room full of hustlers is magical, but so are my lazy Saturday mornings. Time spent drinking coffee and hanging with my family at home. 

As someone that enjoys working out but isn’t necessarily the best at it (like, I will never enjoy or be good at burpees), I appreciate so much that you hold up your end of the deal and do everything you ask your clients to do, with them. Why is this important to you?   

I want clients to always feel safe working out with me. This component of trust is so important to me as a trainer in the health and wellness space, which is why I always practice what I preach and do the exercises/ workouts that I have clients execute. Providing a safe space is a priority in my practice as a trainer and also as a mother.  

When it became a challenge to host workouts in studios or with others around you, you became creative in offering online options for clients. Tell us more about the challenges and successes you came across in doing so.  

I have been very fortunate that several large companies have hired me to lead online workouts for their employees. This spun off into several partnerships with brands for online workouts and my own weekly online group classes. I felt so lucky that I was able to keep working, and help people keep moving their bodies during the challenging time we all faced. I still love leading workouts, offering health and wellness coaching and sharing easy-to-make healthy recipes through Instagram Lives and connecting with an online community, but am also very happy to be seeing my clients in-person again.  

Why fitness? What inspired you to make it your life’s work? 

The biggest inspo for me to start working as a trainer happened after I had my son. I had to learn how to properly train my body to regain my strength after pregnancy. I always joke that I do NOT wake up like this; I have to work hard and stay disciplined to feel the way I want to in my body. This ongoing journey and ever evolving education, made me want to help other people on their fitness journey as well. 

If you could ask me anything, what would it be?

You are always moving and exercising, what do you look most for in a trainer?? Annnd how do you always get so much cool stuff sent to you ?!?!?!?

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