JOE STERNE, BMOC at SalesForce (and all around master of many skills, coffee enthusiast, amazing dad and my favorite person to get IG memes from)

To me, the studio is my happy place. Where is yours?

Home – I make it a sanctuary on purpose.

You have an entrepreneurial spirit, which I admire a lot. Where do you find inspiration to do and share what’s important to you as a business owner?

Candidly, a lot of it is my ADHD. Because I oftentimes think differently than most, I tend to see options to change and improve things from a nuanced perspective, and take it upon myself to just do it.

As a sneaker aficionado, is there a brand whose campaign (ad, social, print, digital…any kind) incited a purchase decision from you? Why?  

Recently it would be the email campaign for the reissue of the Reebok Pump sneakers. I had a pair as a kid and nostalgia has me firmly in her grip. Brought back some great memories of my childhood.

Top five favorite social media accounts to follow, go!

NPS (hilarious), dbrand (complete jerks on the internet), RadioFreeTom (never*theworstpersonontheplanetthatalsohappenedtooncebepresident) who is very smart), raywongy (super smart tech reviewer and I’ve met him in person), workretiredie (i mean, just look at that satire). all on twitter.

If you could ask me anything, what would it be? 

How did you get into PR and why did you stay in PR?

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