love is… back: netflix’s “love is blind” livestream fail brought us a one night stand with our favorite former fling, fun twitter.

In case you missed it, well first congratulations on not spending over an hour waiting for a nonsensical reality show “reunion” to go live, but second, we are here to tell you that there was a more enjoyable – and unexpected – reunion Sunday night, on old school Twitter.

Before we get into the details of this one-night-stand, a quick reminder that Twitter used to be a platform that brought the internet’s best together in a digestible (120 characters or less), fast-paced and if you followed the right crowd, hilarious and friendly fashion.

On Sunday night, a highly-anticipated streaming event from Netflix – the first ever Love is Blind love reunion show was set to air, in real time, at 8pm EST. However, viewers were met with a different drama than what reality TV reunions are famous for when met with basically an “error” message from Netflix.

A few minutes after eight, Netflix tweeted that, “Love is…late” and that it would begin in “15 minutes!” And when that didn’t happen, our old flame Twitter brought us the joy we remembered when we had our first go-around.

Here are a few of the “sweet nothings” we were given from brands and fans alike:

Even AOC chimed in on the sweet love making with:

Oh to be young again. Netflix was finally able to get the episode aired, albeit not live and apologized from there handle over an hour-and-a-half later.

Did we miss any good Tweets? Please share. We love a good, fun reminder that love probably is blind.


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