“finfluencers” & “fambassadors” take coachella.

You’ve heard of Finsta (fake Instagram accounts) but have you heard of “Finfluencers” (influencers faking it) and “Fambassadors” (ambassadors faking it)? It’s true, there are a few out there that may have some secrets in their ring lights.

“NoChella” is a well-known coined term for the “anti-Coachella” used by people that were literally NOT going to the desert for the popular music festival but rather staying home for some quiet while most of the city opted for the series of shows and Instagram opportunities.

However, it seems this year that designation took on a new meaning. According to musician and popular TikToker Loren Gray, many influencers that are posting from Indio are not, in fact, attending the actually festivities but rather traveling to Airbnb’s nearby, dressing up in their best Coachella outfits and accompanying neon makeup to simply pose for photos without actually making their way to the Ferris wheel.

In a recent TikTok video Loren posted this weekend – that has already reached over 2.8 million views – she goes on to elaborate on this phenomenon. She begins with a caveat that she’s sharing because she thinks it’s hilarious and she can’t believe it’s not a more popular conversation.

We agree.

Miss Gray continues by telling her 54 million followers that, “Coachella’s like the influencer Olympics. It’s the place to be. But most influencers, or a lot of influencers, don’t even go to Coachella, and I think that this is such a wild fact.”

The 20-year-old goes on to say, “they don’t have wristbands, they just drive their little butts out to the desert to take Instagram photos, make TikToks, get dressed up, get their makeup done, and simply pose for photos without actually going into the festival.

“And then they drive back, and that’s it.”

At the end of the clip, Gray suggests no one should feel “sad” or “FOMO” as many of the influencers who you follow aren’t really there, either.

“It’s like a very common occurrence that I thought people knew, but then I didn’t see anyone talking about it, so now you know,” she added. Well done, Gray.

So, what do you think? Is “finfluencing” fair? Tell us what you think!


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